My relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is of utmost of importance, and following His Word and His commands are what I seek to do every day. It’s from here that the rest of my day flows. If my foundation is unstable and insecure, so is everything else. Think of it like a tree–a firm foundation, with roots deep, will grow limbs that are nourished and producing fruit. The limbs are the areas of my life: my marriage, my children, my health, my ministry, my friendships–and so on.

I have gotten a couple emails over the past weeks from readers asking how they can know more about my faith, OR asking how they can become more sure in the faith that they hold. Oh this warms my heart more than any weight loss success story out there! I want to help you in this area and it’s because of this that I’m inviting you to join me.

Sunday, March 30th, the Good Morning Girls new study, “Why Easter Matters” starts up. If you are familiar with the Good Morning Girls, then you have probably been waiting over these past couple weeks for it to start back up, but if you aren’t familiar with them, let me quickly explain to you what they are.



The GMG’s are a FREE online community that provides FREE material for you to dig further into God’s Word! The key to all of this is accountability and community, so you don’t go at this alone. We encourage you to find a group of friends (or maybe just one friend) to do this study along with you. Check in via email (or text, or FB group or whatever!) every day after you get done with your reading and prayer time. The accountability this provides is AMAZING and it is crucial to my own personal spiritual growth. I email my GMG group every morning and have been doing this for about 4 years. Am I perfect? No. Just last week I missed a day. And the week before 2 days. There are some weeks when I’m WAY off base, but others when I’m on point. If left alone, I will drift, and satan will try and distract me from the importance of my time with God. It’s why we need each other.

So here’s what we are going to do with our Peak313 community. Easter is my absolute favorite “holiday” and I want each of you to experience the joy and freedom I have in my own life, which comes only from walking in step with Him and what better time to dig into our faith than now?! Every Friday through these 4 weeks, I will be posting on here AND will be having a check-in. Unlike many of my other challenges (like the “Living and Active” one), there will be no weekly exercises or grand prizes,  but I am going to provide the check-in for those of you because it may help you stay on track. (Sometimes we need a little push to keep in line!) Some of you may need a little help and accountability with your workouts right now, so I will combine that aspect in this too.  There will be a spot to check if  you have worked-out (to whatever your goals are) for the week.

So it’s simply: The Word and Work-Out for the check-in. Easy, right?

The Word & Work-Out: A 4 week Accountability Group (using "Why Easter Matters" from held on

So make sure that you subscribe to their site to get the materials (which will be sent to you in an email, or will be in  your reader). You may not choose to S.O.A.P, or do the prayer journals, or memorize the verses, but I ask that you pray about these things and if anything, do the daily Bible readings. Also, take a chance to look over your schedule for the next 4 weeks and create a REASONABLE work-out plan for yourself. Both of these disciplines: time in the Word of God and exercise, take planning. Believe me–you will not just “find time” for either!

I know this is getting published to you right as the study is starting but the beauty of this is you don’t need a lot of prep time! You can start tonight or tomorrow with the readings and your exercise routine. Grab a friend if you can find one and if not, that’s ok! Use our Friday check-in as that accountability!

Can you do 4 weeks with me? I bet you can! Leave a comment below to let me know if you are in! I’ll be praying for you this week!