Loved the response received from the “Word and Work-Out: 4 Week Accountability” using “Why Easter Matters” from the Good Morning Girls website.

The Word and Work-Out: 4 week accountability on Week 1 check-in

Remember, this challenge isn’t like my usual ones, ending with a grand prize and with many requirements. However, this challenge should be self-motivating, as we are pressing further into our faith at one of the most important times of the year–Easter! (I tied in the work-out portion just because I knew that many of you would appreciate the accountability there too!)

There is a weekly memory verse, which I’m not going to ask you about, however I encourage you to try memorizing it! Here it is for week 1!

MemoryVerse-01: why Easter Matters

If you have any thoughts on what you learned this week, please share below! Any answers to prayer (some of you may be prayer journaling!), add those too! This is a community of folks who seek to encourage and inspire each other physically spiritually!

Also, don’t forget about the physical! I’d love to hear your workout routine for the next 4 weeks (as best as you can detail it)!

So this is a super basic check-in. (Click here if you can’t see it)  Answer below and you are done! If you have any random questions about the challenge, please leave them below and I will do my best to answer them! Week 1 of 4 is now completed. Do you have 3 more in you? I bet you do, but let’s take them one at a time! Next week is “why the Crucifixion matters”!