I wanted to share this Facebook update with those of you who aren’t on it, aren’t following me there (this is the perfect time to!), or forgot you hid my status updates. heehee.

I’ve told you before–I do things a little backwards around here, often writing my blogs first via Facebook, then here. So here you go–that time my day was take hostage by my life…otherwise known as “yesterday.”

My Day was taken hostage by my life... : peak313.com


I try to keep it real around here so he goes. My day was taken hostage by… my life. Plan A was thwarted–and so were plans B &C. My son came home with the stomach flu yesterday so I slept on the recliner (I use “sleep” loosely), tended to my unusually clingy guy all day while re-scheduling multiple appointments. My little girl came home from school in tears over something that took some time to process…the list goes on and on.

To top it off- I’ve been avoiding sugar for the past couple days & I stopped that streak today…frustrating. (But hey-it was an orange creamsicle! Had to take advantage of my son’s sickness, ya know!) I lost my cool a few times & of course a workout was in my mind but not within reach. Wasn’t too thrilled with any of that & condemnation was knocking on my door. Unknowingly, I was wishing away my day–bitter about the circumstances around me.

It wasn’t until I was tucking the little tigers into bed when I realized the battle I was in. My flesh and my spirit were at war with one another but came along so in the most “basic” of ways. I realized that I have everything that I’ve ever asked for… I get to stay at home with my kids…tend to my sick boy, be the first one my daughter cries to after school, wash & re-wash the toilet while I pray over the hands & feet that frequent this house. Everything–including the sugar splurge, the missed workout, and lack of sleep–is part of my life. I had to take control over my thoughts. I had to pray out loud for God’s help. I had to fight it.
So it’s with this that I want to encourage you–your day was a gift, whether it’s what you planned it out to be or not. If you believe that nothing comes to you without passing through God’s sovereign hands, then you can lay down tonight knowing that your part–as crazy or calm as it was–was full of purpose.

Final note: I know days like these can really be discouraging for those of you gung ho on your health journey. They ruffle my feathers too–but I’ve learned that if I take it for what it is–a day that’s just gone awry–I’m much better at getting back on the train tomorrow. This imperfect day IS PART OF YOUR JOURNEY. It’s necessary in you getting to your goal. Yes–the imperfections still count! Anyone can stay on plan when things go as planned–not everyone can pick themselves back up and do it again. So what will you purpose in your heart tonight? What you decide tonight will strongly impact how you wake up tomorrow morning. Do not waste your moments!

(P.S. I did decide to pump out a 30 min workout after everyone laid down. I don’t always do that but mama needed to burn some energy and for THAT- I’m thankful 🙂 )