We are in week 1 of the “Take it Back plus” challenge! Before we get into the main part of the post I want to share with you 2 projects I’ve been a part of and are just releasing!

Silencing the Noise Mentorship Course: Join my friends Courtney Joseph, Karen Ehman, and Ruth Schwenk as they take you through 4 weeks of how to “silence the noise” in your life! I’ll be teaching in the final week of the course and will be joining you all LIVE on that Thursday with Q&A! You can sign up here for $29. Starts Monday June 7th.

Sister Circle Online Event: Last year, my friend Chrystal Evans Hurst hosted The Sister Circle Online Event twice where she gathered her sister circle with ladies around the world to share practical tips to nourish your soul, challenge your mind, and choose to live! I had the privilege of sharing a session called “Finding Inside Out Freedom for Body and Soul” Now, I’m so glad to share that my session is available again through The 2020 Sister Circle Online Event Bundles! Click here to check out all the courses that are included and choose the right package for you! You will have access to all the content until the end of the year.

Now onto the video from yesterday and a few basic notes!

Click here to watch the video if you can’t see it.
  1. I referenced the “languishing” article in a previous blog post but I’ll link again. I speak to it in the beginning of the video and it was confirmation for me to move forward with this challenge.
  2. From your survey results via instagram and facebook, many found that during the pandemic, relationships took a hit, or the way that you interacted with people. Results were from being easily offended, avoiding or disengaging people, trying to figure out toxic people, and speculating.
  3. I honed in on speculating, which is defined as “forming a theory without firm evidence” and many of us have been feeling the emotional effects of this.
  4. We have had an imbalance of the negative parts of unity and relationships while missing out on some of the positive things such as attending church, servicing, intentionality, hospitality, reaching out, having relationships with people with differing opinions. (All responses from the survey) So one can see why many of us are feeling the strain on the relationships in life
  5. Satan would love for us to live in division. There is a difference between unity and conformity, and I talked about how even in 1 Corinthians 12, we can see how there is diversity in the body, yet we all unite under one thing…Jesus. What are we doing to “take back” what Satan would love to steal?
  6. I talked about when re-engaging relationships we need to ask ourselves these 3 questions that I take my leadership clients through. 1) What am I trying to prove? To Whom? 2) What am I trying to hide? 3) What am I afraid of losing? If we can be honest with ourselves, we will find our walls lowering and trust being gained.
  7. We must fight with prayer, humility and initiating. 1 John 4 and 1 Peter 3:8.
  8. We need to get curious when we find ourselves making assumptions or speculating with others. Ask questions. Try to break the current narrative you have already believed to be true.
  9. “Satan knows whatever he can divide, he can dominate”- Tony Evans

Finish this week strong with your walk, fasting, praying and visioning out what you want to take back! I’ll be back in a few days when week 2’s printable and prayer focus!