It’s time for us to move onto week 2 of the challenge! If you need to catch up on the challenge, check out these 3 posts here! Here are a few highlights as we move ahead.

  • We will keep 5 days a week of walking as part of our goal.
  • You can pick something NEW to fast from, you can ADD something on top of what you fasted from week 1, OR you can keep the same thing!
  • How did you do with “taking it back”? Did you achieve your 3 small goals?
  • Is there anything in regards to relationships and unity (or anything I discussed in week 1’s video) that you should focus on or put into motion? (i.e. inviting a friend to coffee, talking to your neighbors, praying about someone you feel conflicted over, getting back to church )

This week we will be taking back our bodies, souls and time! Man oh man. The amount of feedback I got from you all in what you picked up during the pandemic was crazy in regards to these areas! Let’s see–here are a few: lots of snacking, increased use of social media, lots of TV/Netflix time, Sugar, sugar, sugar, alcohol/smoking increase, weight gain etc. Many of you said that you wanted to add back more exercise, walks, eating mindfully, “looking nice”, getting into the Word, “self-care” and so forth. I’ll dive into all this a little deeper on my video later in the week but would love your comments below on if and how these areas were impacted during the pandemic.

Let’s not waste anymore time and move onto week 2! Here is the printable below.

So this week as you look at the areas you want to take back, I want you to think through any of these areas if you haven’t already and then make some small achievable goals to focus on for the week.

I’ll give more details on this next week but I am going to form a small coaching group after this 21 day challenge! We will meet virtually in July once a week for 4 weeks to take some of the things you were processing and really dive a little deeper while I give you coaching and accountability! (I’ll open some spots for 1 on 1 coaching if you feel more comfortable with that) Stay tuned! Keep on keeping on as we move into week 2!