Hey all! I thought I would compile a few of MY favorite things that I love to help you with your Christmas list. If you are anything like me, the older you get, the harder it is to tell people what you want, however there are things that would be awesome to receive that you may not even think of! Some of these items I have and use (or have similar things) while others I also have on my list! Let’s get started! (Click the images to find out about them!)


A Crockpot

Goodness- I don’t know what I would do without mine! If you have one, why not add another? (Or get an adorable one!)


Vegetable Tray

And another tool I use in the kitchen EVERY DAY–a veggie tray! I load this up at the top of every week and usually mid-week! (I use one that I received from Pampered Chef 12 years ago!)


Or try this individual size one for when you go to work or travel!


Monthly Exercise Subscription

Changing things up with your exercise routine is so important but it’s so hard to do that if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in that area. Monthly exercise subscriptions are a great way to try this out and insert something different! Check out Refit Revolution, Revelation Wellness, or FitnessGlo to name a few!


Activity tracker

I used Garmin’s tracker and wrote a review on it last year, but have since upgraded to Garmin’s Vivoactive watch which is a smartphone, activity tracker, and GPS tracking app for running, biking, swimming and more! I absolutely love it and wear it all the time. (I do not have the heart rate strap)

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Coaching Calls

Sometimes you just need someone to process your health struggles with and help you get some clarity and a “next step”. Well, I would love to help you out! You can purchase 1 or a package of (3) calls and we can get started on your health journey! (I also talk about a number of other things, so check out this link to find out more about them!)


Essential Oils

I posted on Black Friday a promotion for the Premium Starter Kit but I am going to extend it! So $25 off of the Premium Starter Kit and this month, Young Living is throwing in an additional oil (Christmas Spirit!) so that’s 12 oils + a diffuser+ samples for $135 + tax and shipping (after the $25 cash back from me after purchase!) If you want more info, email me or check out my page on essential oils!


Protein Powder

I’ve used quite a few protein powders but I am just really loving this one from Primal Kitchen! I love the chocolate coconut flavor!


Flavored Stevia

I love carrying one of these around with me in my purse. I use flavored stevia drops for many things! (Check out this post) But this may be a good addition to your kitchen or purse! (STOCKING STUFFER!)


Portable Cell Charger

This is one of my favorites because I’m always running out of cell juice and this is a beast for charging!


Jogger Pants

I bought a pair of these last year from The Gap and I love them! They are warm and comfy yet work great for running errands (or volunteering at your kid’s school!) after a workout! This isn’t the brand I have, but there are so many on amazon to choose from!



I’m a book junkie! You should see my office! I have gotten into many books this year and so I want to share some of them with you!

A Women of Strength and Purpose by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

God gave me this book after I had been praying about my wiring in regards to personality and how that influence how I process life and relate to others. I was kind of down about my strong, focused, and “nothing will stop me” personality but soon after that, I heard about this book on a podcast and it was exactly what I needed to read. If you are strong-willed or maybe have a strong-willed daughter, then you need to grab this!


Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

I have referenced this book so much. I love Elisabeth Elliot’s writings and this is a book I’ll come back to time and time again. In a world where it is easy to have a busy and anxious heart, “Keep a quiet heart” is a breath of fresh air.


Don’t Follow Your Heart by Jon Bloom

NEW FAVORITE BOOK. I might be doing a book review on it later but it is rocking my world and will become one I read many times a year. I’ve already screen shotted and sent much of it to friends!


And don’t forget about others that I’ve written reviews on: “Your Sacred Yes” and “Women of the Word

Other Notable Deals for Cyber Monday (effective 11/28/16)


  • One of my absolute favorite online boutiques, Blooms & Linen is running a Cyber Monday promo : 20% off + free shipping! www.bloomsandlinen.com


What do you have on your Christmas list? Post away in the comments below. I’m always looking for new things!

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