Hi friends! It’s time for another challenge—well, sort of. I used to lead this 3-week challenge live but I decided to make it available to you to do on your own. So I’ve got all the information for the “Hunger-Free & Healthy Holiday” challenge available for FREE download!

Here are the basics:

There’s no doubt that we are moving into a season which presents major challenges for many of us physically and emotionally!

The problem:

♦ We are surrounded by food for the next month. It is yummy, unique, and hard to resist!

♦ Food plays a much bigger part in our health than our exercise regime! So all the hard work we’ve been doing can be cancelled out pretty quickly in a one month holiday binge.

♦ There are 870 million* people in the world who are hungry, while 1 in 6* Americans (over 50 million) face hunger. We are gorging. They are starving. Something’s wrong here.

Here’s how it rolls:

If you do this challenge, you’ll be making sacrifices so you can SHARE with someone else less fortunate this season! Every time you choose to say NO to an unhealthy habit or YES to a healthy one, I want you to pay yourself! Put this money in a jar and at the end of the 21 days, you’ll donate that to a charity of your choice! (There are many local ones that are fighting local hunger, but feel free to expand to further organizations such as Samaritans Purse, Skip1.org, and more) I’ve found that we are more apt to do something hard on our end, on behalf of someone else. It’s why so many people run races for cancer, or orphanages. We can justify our time and sacrifice if it means someone else can benefit from it!

For those of you who may not have extra money to set aside, you can use your time as currency! Volunteer minutes at a local food bank, write encouragement card to someone in need, or bring a meal to a hurting family! There is so much you can do!

Find out more of how the challenge works in the downloadable document below!


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Anyway, here is the link you need! If you decide to do the challenge, I would love to hear about it, so leave a comment below!


21 Days to a Hunger-Free & Healthy Holiday: Free Download