Our church hosted a Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend that my husband and I attended. We sat with our friends Keith and Courtney (from Women Living Well) and 2 other wonderful couples. We also had the privilege of listening to speaker and author, Dr. David Clarke. The topic of the night was “Firing up the Passion” and he had a very captive audience! He’s direct and uses humor through his talk to keep you on your toes!

Dr. Clarke discussed something very basic, yet critical to firing up the passion in our marriages—the kiss!! He went through a number of ways to NOT kiss and then gave us guidelines on how to kiss. He reminded us that ultimately, a couple who are BOTH seeking the Lord and praying together will experience the most intense passion as it will be derived from God–the ultimate source of intimacy and passion!

We were blessed to hear him again during church the next morning. You can never have too much solid advice on marriage! Here are a few pictures I took during the evening.


Here we are with Dr. Clarke! Check out all the books he’s written!

The 4 of us co-lead a bible study 6 years ago. What a precious friendship!

This wasn’t the first time Courtney and I had heard Dr. Clarke speak. Our church brought him in last year to talk with a small group of us who dealt with counseling couples and also spoke on how to build a marriage ministry at your church.

It should come as no surprise to you that we attacked, I mean, gently asked Dr. Clarke if we could do some video interviews with him to put up on our blogs. 🙂 He graciously agreed and we will post them in the future!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday of LOVE! What did you do for Valentine’s Day!?