Cardio bursts in a workout are very important to challenging the heart and really making the muscles work harder. I add these into my personal workout a lot and this is a combo that I made up that I use all the time. Seriously.

You don’t have to do it to music, nor this song, but I find that exercising to music with a strong beat really helps keep you working hard.

Keep the arms wider than shoulder-width apart and the gaze to the floor. BREATHE!

The basic moves on this cardio burst are:

♦ Plank Jacks

Try and keep the upper body as still as possible while jacking out the legs.

♦ Mountain Climbers

Right knee and left knee move up and back to the chest. Again, try and mobilize the torso.

♦ Step up/Step Back

Drive the right leg up to the right hand as far as you can, then step back and repeat on the other leg. To make it a little harder, drop the opposite hip to the floor as the other leg moves to the hand.

♦ Elbow Plank

Go to elbows and hold a strong plank!

I like to move down the pyramid on counting with these. Doing 16 counts for each exercise, then cutting it down to 8 counts. You can rest anytime you need and repeat as much as you like. The point is to get your heart rate HIGH, as if you are reaching the top of the mountain!

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