I introduced these gliding disks to you in August when I created the Deskie Workout. These are my current favorite addition to my everyday workout. They challenge my body in ways that I didn’t think was possible!! Here is a CHALLENGING exercise for the abs and upper body. REMEMBER: If you don’t own the gliding disks, then you can use 2 paper plates!

And if it looks like I’m struggling working hard in the pictures below, it’s because I am.


(Instruction below the picture)

Start with your feet in the middle of each disc. Hands at a comfortable position and gaze straight down.

Bend your knees and bring both feet towards your right side of your body. (Try and bring the knees to the elbow) Take legs back to starting position and then slide them to the other side. It’s kind of like you are making a smooth “W”. Repeat

2 Sets of 8 slides (each side)

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