I ran into one of my pilates students the other day while working out at the college I teach at. We did some cardio together and the I convinced her to do some strength training with me. She agreed (without me twisting her arm too much!) and while we were exercising she suggested that I should make this a New Move Monday! Grabbed the iPhone and here you go! (Small demo video following!) By the way, my triceps were sore for 2 days after this!


Grab a set of weights and large exercise ball. Place your upper back on the floor and lift your rear end up. Hold the weights in a narrow position as seen in picture above.

Press weights straight up from your chest.

Extend them straight behind you. Keep the heel of the hands towards the ceiling. Draw the abs in toward the spine as you put them behind you. Bring them back and repeat from the top with the narrow chest press.

Towards the end of the set (or even the after you bring the arms back from picture above) keep hands above your head as you sit up on the ball. Come back down on the ball as you keep hands raised. Repeat. Lead with the abs first, then think of the arms.

Do 2 or 3 sets of this combo. 10-12 Reps each set!

(Click here if you can’t see the video)