Yes. You read that right. Each of these moves will mimic a criss-cross. You can also say”criss cross applesauce” on some of them. Sorry. I have small children in the house. These are the things my mind thinks of right now. 🙂

Make sure you view the video of each move first. Then, print off the pdf for you to take with you!

I recommend doing these when you are short on time or you need to add some variety to your current strength routine.

(For the record, my 2 year old daughter does the criss cross squat every time I tell her “criss-cross applesauce”. Oh the perils of being an aerobics instructor’s daughter! LOL!)

Criss-Cross Applesauce Workout

1.) Alternating Punches: Stand with legs hip width apart. Grab a set of dumbells and punch them in front of you. Be sure to alternate which hand is on top. When the arms come out beside you, be sure to squeeze.

2.) Behind the Back Cross: Take the arms and cross them behind you. When you release the cross, be sure to squeeze as the arms are out beside. Alternate which hand is on top each cross.

3.) Criss Cross Squat: Start with both legs further than hip width apart. Jump and bring one leg crossed in front of the other. Jump out to the starting position, then jump back in with the OTHER foot in front. Each time your legs come out, be sure to squat down deep. You can make this a more cardiorific (my new word) move by adding the upper body with the squats!

4.) Ab Scissors: Lay on the floor with forearms supporting you. Take the legs out in front of you and make tiny crosses, alternating which foot is on top, then extend the feet wide. It’s a “Switch, Switch, Switch, Extend”. Keep the chest lifted and breathe as you do these.

5.) Heel Crosses: Lay on the floor with your forehead to the ground. Extend both legs behind you and turn the heels towards each other in a “V” position. Quickly switch them as you alternate which foot is on top.

6.) Cross Cross Glute Stretch: Sit. Cross the legs. Take one foot and place it on top of the bottom knee. Hold the stretch. Switch legs. To make the stretch deeper, lean forward with your forearms on the ground.

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