Tuesday night I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with ex-Victoria Secret model, Kylie Bisutti! She has been in the press a lot lately regarding her decision to quit working for Victoria Secret because she wanted to honor God and her husband with her body. (Read more about her testimony here) Kylie had been in New York earlier that day (on Fox & Friends) and Monday (on Glen Beck tv) so she has really made her rounds. (Wouldn’t you want to end your day with 3 stay-at-home moms after being with all those star programs? LOL!)

Kylie and I!

How did I line this gig up!?

This is a good question! All I have to say is God! I have a friend (Diana—mom of 5 and running, or should I say, AWESOME running friend) of mine who facebooked me 2 weeks ago. She asked if I had ever heard of  “this Kylie, ex-Victoria Secret girl” because a mutual friend of hers works with Kylie’s husband. Kylie and her husband were going to be about an hour away from where we live and Diana asked if we could meet her. Diana kindly asked if I had interest in joining her and also asked if our other friend, Courtney (Women Living Well) would like to come too? Well, of COURSE we both jumped at the opportunity! A few emails went around and voila…our date was made!

Post meeting. Dinner at 9pm at Stir Crazy. We were starving!!

What did you talk about?

The purpose of the meeting was just to get to know her and hear her story! It’s one thing to listen to her on tv, but it’s another to sit down face to face and ask her the questions that you are curious about!

Our conversation flowed with many topics:

♦  How she came to know the Lord (a friend brought her to church at the age of 16)

♦ How God has worked in her life to bring her to this decision (her hubby had been praying about this for a while & she began to feel convicted while reading her Bible more)

♦ What opportunities she has coming up & has shot down (can’t mention here:))

♦ What she likes to do in her free time! (watch movies–favorite is “Courageous” & hang out with friends)

♦ Favorite Christian music group? (Newsboys)

♦ What her passion is (reaching young girls and women and telling them that beauty is from within)

…..and lots more!

How can we help?

Some of you asked to ask her how you could help her. She said that just praying for her, that God would be on the forefront of her mind in every interview she does!


I have some additional thoughts on our meeting but I am going to save those for a later post. I just wanted to get these pictures and basic info out to you. She comes to town often so Lord willing, there may be more hang-outs in the future!

We also got to meet her husband and you can tell that their love for one another is very strong. He was very warm and friendly, too!

Isn’t it wonderful to hear of a young woman (21 yrs old) taking a stand for the Lord while forsaking so many things the WORLD has to offer? She was so refreshing to meet and our prayers are with her and her husband!

What a good reminder for all of us that God will meet you where you are and place you in spots to shine HIS light! Thank you, Kylie, for being faithful to the call of the Kingdom!