This is it! The final week of the Living and Active Challenge! Now tell me that didn’t just fly by?! We will have one more checkpoint next week, so be sure to do that in order to be eligible for 1 of the 3 grand prizes! Here is a testimony from week 3!

I haven’t had a chance to give you a good FB live lately but check out this one from last year about being “Heart healthy.”  Click here if you can’t see it! It’s a (quicker) video than normal but I get right to it in discussing:

  • why we need to be pulling the weeds of our heart
  • what “guarding our hearts” really means
  • importance of strengthening it
  • apathetic hearts
  • the individuality of it all


Time for week 4′s check-in!  Please fill out the quick form below. Click here if you can’t see it!

REMEMBER: In order to be eligible for a GRAND PRIZE, then you have to fill this form out EACH week, meeting each criteria. (If you don’t meet the criteria, you can still fill the form out! Use it as accountability!)


Key # 5: Marathon Minded

Scripture Memory (aka, “Soul Food”) 1 Thessalonians 5:23/Galatians 6:9/Colossians 1:9-14





The devotional thought is below!

And the Bible Reading plan! (Click here for pdf!)

Food Portion!!

It’s YOUR choice this week! Read the image below to find out more and keep on all the other for challenges!



Get physical!!

You have a few options of workouts! I published a new schedule along with a newlower body workout and ab workout last week! Mix and match, or do your own!


Feel free to comment below with anything you’d like to tell us. Remember–we are a COMMUNITY who are TIED TOGETHER,DAILY DEDICATED, CRAVING CONQUERORS and HEART HEALTHY so let’s spur one another on with our personal stories!