My favorite part of the challenge…testimonies and grand prize winners! Let’s check out some of the things you all said.

“I enjoyed the challenge so much. For me, knowing I am accountable to others made me do many things first thing in the morning especially scripture reading. It seems if I don’t do it first thing other things take over and before I know it the day is over. I also feel more at peace during the day when I start my day first in the word. Also, with exercise, if I wait it’s harder to exercise later in the day.”

“I lost ten pounds and gained a stronger relationship with Christ! This is something I am committed to keep going even though the challenge is over! Thank you!”

“YES! During the challenge I worked 8 days out of the fortnight and I have never worked more than four in a fortnight and yet with the support of my family I was still able to keep my workouts on the timetable! Thanks so much! I might reduce the exercise to 3 days a week for the month and see how I go as my uni course also starts back up. I am doing my Masters in Teacher librarianship. Which is exciting, I tell you Clare my arms are feeling fantastic since exercising regularly, books are super heavy to handle day in and out 😉 Thanks so much from the other side of the Globe. Feeling well and ready to continue after this challenge with the benefit of a 5kg weight loss in 5 weeks !!!”

“The relationship between physical and spiritual is so intertwined. Thanks for building that connection.”


To remind you of the amazing grand prizes, here they are.  I encourage you to check out each of their websites and choose them when buying something for yourself or a loved one. I think the world of each business!

1.) The Wellness Revelation, Love>Fear Hat, + “Battle” shirt all from Revelation Wellness

2.) 2 month subscription to Moms into Fitness

3.) The Better Mom Devotional

4.) Bracelet from Blooms + Linen

5.) A box of cards from Compliment Card Co.

6.) Stress Away Bath Bombs from Young Living


Even if you didn’t win one of the prizes….even if you didn’t finish the 5 weeks the exact way that you wanted to…even if you only did one week, guess what? You did something! Now I know that sounds hyper-positive, but as a health coach and someone who wants to help you get along in the process, that means more than you think. I would love for you all to build off of this. Be sure to review the previous post where I give you some tips on what to do next!

And now for the 3 winners! I will be sure to email you so be looking for it.

Kelley H.

Donna A.

Tracy K.

I’m praying over what is up next for this blog/ministry. If you have any suggestions, topics or anything else, please leave them below or send me an email.

I am here to serve you! You all bless me so much so thank you for being here!