We are onto our final week of the 2014 “Dream it. Do it.” Vision Boards! I hope that this challenge proved to be as mind-clarifying and motivating for you as it has been for me! I have been encouraged by those of you who sent in pictures of your vision boards to me!

Before we move onto our final week of focus, I just want to address a few things as we close out this series.

WHAT should I do with my board?

Great question! Mine is fairly large, and honestly, I’m not sure where I’ll be able to store it! I think I’m going to take a picture of it, enlarge it, and put it up on my desk. That way I can reference it often. If I keep my board, chances are, it’ll get stuck in a closet again and I probably will not look at it again. (Just keepin’ it real!)

WHAT if I realized some of my “Do it’s” aren’t “doable”?

No problem at all–after all–this is YOUR board! This would actually be a great time to evaluate all the “do it’s” that you created and make sure that you made a reasonable expectation and plan. It also may be time for you to do the next step!

WHAT if I realized that some of my dreams actually scare me?!

That’s what stepping out and dreaming big will do for you! Yes–there may be some things that you want to do that scare the living daylights out of you! Consider that normal and it’s great that you are feeling those emotions! Keep prayerfully considering your dreams and take your fears to the Lord as you work through them.

If your dreams don't...

Let’s move on to our final week where our focus is–relationships!

If you need to catch up on previous weeks:


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Week 2: Faith

Week 3: Finances

Your 2014 "Dream it. Do it." Vision Board: Week 4 (Relationships) | peak313.com

Let’s pray!

“Heavenly Father, We come to you regarding the relationships in our life. We are so thankful for the gift of family, friends, and neighbors, and we pray that you guide us as we dream big for how you may want us to change in these areas! Use us as instruments of change and inspiration to those you have us living life with!” In Jesus Name, Amen

Slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same:

Time to ask yourself. : Should I slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same? Keep it simple!

– Marriage

– Children

– Extended Family

– Friends

– Co-Workers

– Neighbors

I want to make an extra note here. As I was thinking of this challenge, there was one thing in particular that kept resonating in my head and it was in this area. Friends, there are some relationships in your life that are toxic that are keeping you from your best potential. This doesn’t mean that you hate, talk maliciously, or act mean towards this person(s), but it may mean you need to make sure the air is clear, and then keep your distance. If there’s something that I see people struggling with (which in turn affects every other area of their life), it’s toxic relationships. I’m praying for those of you who are struggling with this decision. It’s hard, but you’ll know when the Spirit is leading you towards action here. In the same sense, there are some of you who need to make amends or forgive someone. Hard stuff, but so, so important.

Dream It:

Things you may want to post pictures of on your board:

– Words to describe how you want the particular relationship to look like/work on

– Books to read about (or with!) your relationships

– Pictures to capture the feelings you want your relationships to exude

– Activities you can be involved in together

Do It:

Now, out of all those things you just posted up there, pick 1 or 2–no more!! And write down your “do it” plan. Include, what specific action you will take today to make it happen and any deadlines you may need. Also, jot down a person’s name or website you need to reference if you need to make some phone calls.  Now post that “do it” up on the board!


♦ Dream it: Build a relationship with the neighbor beside me.

Do it: Invite her to a twice weekly walk around the neighborhood at 6:30am.


Did you put anything into practice from your “health”, “faith”, or “finance”  quadrant? Have you at least made a plan for what you want to see happen in your life for your health? It’s great to DREAM for 2014, but let’s make it happen, too! If you are overwhelmed by what you wrote and found you couldn’t implement it, that’s ok! Just pick one small thing and win there!!

Remember, when you get to December 31st, 2014, the goal is to have made some (at least!) advances in the things you post on this board! So what do you want to be saying about your life when you hit New Years Eve, 2014? Make this board work for you!

I would love to see your vision boards as they are being made. Feel free to post them up on my Facebook wall or on instagram! Use the hashtag #dreamitdoit

Thank you for joining me in this challenge! Don’t be surprised if I come back mid-year to check-in on you!