This is it! Your final checkpoint! I am so proud of those of you who have stayed with us the whole 5 weeks! If you need to catch up on a check-in, or if you are new to this challenge and want to see all the weeks and verses, then be sure to check this page which has everything organized for you!!

Part of the reason I chose the passage to memorize in Colossians that we did was because it was such an amazing passage to pray for others. Praying scripture has been a big part of my life over the past few years and I wanted to share some thoughts with you about it! Click here if you can’t see the video.

And now it’s time for the final check-in! (There are a few additional questions than normal!) You have until Sunday, February 24th to get this last check-in completed. After that, I will be able to find out who is eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, then choose (randomly!) the winner! YAY! (Click here if you can’t see it!)

Also, for those of you who took those before pictures, now is a great time to take an after! You don’t have to share them with anyone, but I’d LOVE to see some of them! (Don’t worry–they will stay private!) Email them to .

I know the next question that will be coming from many of you…now what?! Clare–you got me exercising consistently and now you are taking away any incentive to keep at it?! What do you recommend? GREAT question! I will be addressing that in a blog post this week so be on the lookout!! 🙂