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Rock it.

June is here which means many of you are amping up your outdoor running! Depending on how long you are running and how hot it is, will depend on if you need to hydrate or not mid-run. I usually don’t “pack” water unless I’m going out for longer than 45-60 minutes OR if I’m running in the mid/end of a hot summer day.

It takes a little experimenting so if you are in the market for one, ask a running friend if you could borrow theirs for a run to try it out before purchasing!

I have this one….

My best friend uses this one…

And yet others use hydration packs like this!

What do you use while running?

Work it.

Sensory bins are so great for little kids. I’ve done a few for my kids but this takes the cake! I think I want to play with it! Other than the fact it might make a horrible mess, (ahem) what a fun rainy day activity for some little girls!!

And I had to have something for the little boys! My son would have a hayday breaking all the crayons and smashing cars!

Love it.

I’m so excited to show you my awesome friend, Michelle Myers’ newly renovated website, Myers Cross Training! She is a fitness lover, a supportive wife, a loving mama and a believer and follower of Jesus! My kinda gal!! She will give you lots of inspiration, knowledge and advice on many areas of life so go check it out! (Her hubby is part of it too!)