I’m going back into some old pics I took a few years ago. I was 15 weeks pregnant with my 3 year old daughter if that tells you how far back!

This exercise can also be done on a stable surface such as a bench. Adding the exercise ball works your balance and stability though!


Grab 1 weight and an exercise ball OR stable surface such as a bench, coffee table etc. Place one hand on the ball and bend that same side leg and kneel on the ball. Grab the weight with the other hand and keep that side leg firmly on the ground. Lift up the arm and think of “pinning’ your elbow high.

Bring your weight up (as seen in picture)and PRESSING the heel of the hand towards the ceiling. Bring the arm down, moving from the elbow ONLY (as opposed to the shoulder). Repeat.

Do NOT let the arm drop. Try to do this in front of a mirror a few times to get the hang of it. Do all reps on one side, then switch to the other!

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 kickbacks!