I have no idea if you are interested in this type of thing, so I apologize in advance if you aren’t! However, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my family life!! My little girl, Lila, turned 3 on Sunday. She wanted a Princess Belle birthday party ever since she watched “Beauty and the Beast” (one time!) so that’s what she got!


♦ Chili Dogs (yes, we occasionally eat hot dogs around here!)

No More Muffin-Top Mac & Cheese

♦ Veggie Cups (carrots, peppers and celery with a small bit of ranch dressing)

♦ Fruit Cups (strawberries, pineapple & cherries)

♦ Chips and Pretzels

♦ Belle Dress & Mrs. Potts cookies!

♦ A Princess cake!


Opening up the first present of the day!

Delicious cookies from Hannah Banana Cookies and a rose ball–inspired by Pinterest!

Veggie Cups with a bit of ranch dressing at the bottom. (Thanks Pinterest!)

Fruit cups in cupcake liners. Guess where I got the idea?! LOL!

Lila’s friend, Lucy with us! We were having fun!

My son said he wanted to dress up as “Chip” from Beauty & the Beast. My mom looked for a costume and couldn’t find one and made this!


My fearless little girl playing with a birthday present–swingset rings! (Mommy was playing with them too!)

We had a wonderful day celebrating my beautiful little girl! She is such a blessing to me and I’m so honored to be her mama!