I hope the name of this exercise doesn’t scare you off! I LOVE deadlifts, especially straight-leg ones! They really tone up the rear end, hamstrings and lower back. I do them with both legs on the floor and even with one leg to really increase the intensity. I put this combination together so I could work the upper body as well.


Take 2 weights with a regular (overhand) grip and bend over from the waist. Your knees are “soft” and I want you to stick your rear end out. Do NOT change the bend in your knees. Once you get your back parallel with the floor (or close to it) then draw yourself back up. Tighten the core as you come up and think of initiating from the hamstrings.

Once you are back up, turn the hands to where the wrists are now facing out. Draw both arms back as you squeeze. Imagine that you are keeping an envelope in the armpits as you draw back. Do 2 rows and then go back to the deadlift. *BE sure to CHANGE the grip of the weights for the deadlift (wrists now face the body)

To make this harder, lift one leg for the deadlift and keep it lifted for the reverse grip lat row!

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 deadlifts (which would give you 20-24 lat rows). Make sure your weight is heavy enough to feel the intensity!