Welcome to today’s installment of Rock it. Work it. Love it. Friday!

Rock it: Things you can wear, stuff with hair, fashion etc

Work it: Things you can cook, create, make or do!!

Love it: Articles, blogs, music etc that I love!


Rock it.

If you find yourself fashion challenged, and need help with color combinations and what to pair together then check out Polyvore!

The colored pant/jean is back in style and I love how it’s paired with the light denim and adorable leopard shoes! I would totally wear this running errands with the kids–beats my workout clothes I usually end up wearing! HAHA!

kisses and ♥ from Cat

kisses and ♥ from Cat by tkornman featuring animal print shoes

Work it.

One of my friends (Thanks Bekah!) pinned this on Pinterest. This is an amazing and CHEAP idea!! We seem to always have dirty shoes around here!!

Love it.

I enjoy reading a lot about leadership, being more efficient, social media and other random things. It’s hard for me to sit down with a book anymore and do this so thankfully, there are bloggers who fill that gap! My favorite one lately is Michael Hyatt. He is the chairman of Thomas Nelson publishers. I linked to a post of his on Monday morning, but I feel like I could link to him every few days! He is very practical in his writing, down to earth and even funny! I encourage you to check him out and see if there’s anything that would be of interest to you!

Here are a few of my favorite posts!

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