I can’t believe I’m using those words–holiday season. Ahh! Where did the summer go? The truth is, in 2 weeks we’ll be officially starting the Christmas countdown as we say good-bye to Thanksgiving.

There are 2 things that are sure to be around during the next 5 weeks:

1) parties (aka: food overload)

2) crazy schedules

How I Stay Active During the Holidays: peak313.com

You put these 2 things together and it can make a year’s worth of hard work with your health go a little awry! I get lots of you asking what I do to stay active and healthy during this season, so I’m going to share with you my best tips!

 1) Get it in early:

This is no different than during the year, but I find it’s even more important during these times. The earlier I get my workout in, the more apt it will be to get done. So, it’s earlier to bed, and earlier to rise for me during these 5 weeks!

2) Do short spurts:

Since I have added responsibilities during the holidays (shopping, room mother, parties, baking etc), I sometimes can’t do the same workout that I was used to doing. So I give myself permission to back off a bit and shoot for short workouts. Maybe a couple 10 minute bursts during the day, or 1 30 minute session instead of my regular 60 minute. I find that if I give myself that permission, I’m more apt to hit it.

3) Think outside of the box:

I workout at a college gym so the hours are a little odd around the holidays. I have to get SUPER creative since I don’t have a gym in my basement. One of my best friends saves her YMCA guest passes for me to use at the end of the year so I can go to classes with her. I’ve also gone to her basement and done a DVD or worked out with her. I’ve also involved the family! We will put on music they like and dance, do push-ups, high-knees—whatever. Just to get us moving!

4) REST:

I know this isn’t “active” but it’s a huge part in how I can stay so active, especially through the rest of the year. I actually take 4-5 days around this time and just “take off” any official workouts. It’s good for my mind and body–plus I know it’s hard to schedule in anyways, so the healthy rest is good for me. I am always anxious to get going when the holidays end!

Finally, I wanted to share with you some great workout clothes from Kohl’s! Be sure to check out their activewear collection here!  (They always have such great coupons and clearance racks!!) I’ll link to each of the items below! Be sure to click on the links to see some better angles of each of the pieces!


Champion Double Dry Fitted Tights

Asics Favorite 1/4 Zip Running Top


New Balance 1/2 Zip Running Hoodie

Be Up Keyhole Yoga Capri Leggings


Asics Printed Running Capri Leggings


New Balance 1/2 Zip Running Hoodie

Be Up Keyhold Yoga Capri Leggings


I LOVED this outfit. I had never head of this brand but the top and rouching was awesome and the pants looked like they wouldn’t fit me, BUT thank goodness for stretch! Haha. Actually, they were so comfortable and sweat-friendly. 🙂

Be Up Power RacerBack Yoga Tank

Be Up Keyhole Yoga Capri Leggings


This picture is from the Planksgiving and Prayer challenge yesterday! When I got these pants I wasn’t 100% sure what I thought of them. (I had never heard of this company either) Are they cool? Crazy? Too old for me? LET ME TELL YOU–so COMFY! Very soft. I wore them (with a gray long cardigan) to volunteer at the kid’s school yesterday, then taught pilates in them last night. I think I am going to get another print! Love the shirt too. VERY flattering to the figure!!

SOYbu Goddess Racerback Yoga Tank

Soybu Allegro Printed Yoga Leggings


I hope you got some tips to keep you active during this season (and maybe some new workout clothes to add to your Christmas list!) How do you keep active during this time?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kohls. While I was compensated to write a post about Kohls, all opinions are my own.