I’m coming clean today with my bad habit. I’ve had it as long as I can remember and I’ve never gained victory over it.

I bite my fingernails.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t. I do think that I’ve gotten BETTER at it, but as the pictures show, they certainly aren’t anything to be proud about!


However, here they are looking great!! (for me, at least!)

I have had a few times in my life (and by a few, I mean, maybe 5) where I’ve been able to grow out my natural nails for about 2 months. Looking over this, I’ve come to some conclusions at what gives me success over this horrible habit.


Spending some money helps

When I get manicures or even if I spend the money to purchase the proper items, my nails always stay nicer longer. If I had unlimited funds, I think I would have nicer nails because I would definitely be getting regular manicures. Alas, it’s not top on the priority list or budget at our house, so when I’m done spending money on them, the nails usually go too.

The tiniest temptation eventually brings full destruction

What I mean by this is sometimes I’ll tap my nails on my teeth. Or I’ll still rim my nails around my lips (Wow. This sounds really weird) But what I find is that once I start there, it’s really hard to stop going further. I’m best not even keeping my nails around my mouth, but for some reason, they end back there.

I had to replace my old habit with a new one

Typically I bite my nails when my hands are bored. I notice it when I drive or when I watch tv. So, what I started to do was sit on my hands when I drive (of course, the one NOT driving!) and I tried to cut coupons or fold laundry when I watched tv. As soon as I left myself with nothing to do, the nails were in the mouth.

Encouragment helped– immensely

Sometimes I felt like a little kid showing my husband, mom or best friend the growth in my nails. Literally, my friend, Leslie, had to look—hard—to find the growth I was showing her one day. I would be so excited to show off my nails to whoever asked (or didn’t) and that kept me going.

If you saw my hands today, you’d see them back down to their usual state. I’ll be honest. I don’t feel a huge need to keep up on top of this bad habit because it really has no negative affect to my life (except how it looks!) so that’s why I haven’t spent the focus and money to make it a long term commitment.


I hope you are able to use this post, first off, to laugh, and then secondly to cross over what works for me onto your bad habit. Is it time for you to hire a personal trainer? Do you need to avoid certain situations so you aren’t eating unhealthy foods, or spending money unnecessarily? Is it time to find a friend to keep you accountable in your attitude or your daily habits?

What is your bad habit? (It doesn’t have to be in the area of eating and exercise!)

Is it serious enough that it warrants change?

What are some things you can put into place to gain victory over it?