Strong claim, right? I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it! Here it is…Group Exercise!  I’m sure you think I’m slanted because I am a group fitness instructor. But the honest truth is, after surveying 8 years of classes, I’ve found group exercise to be one of the best motivators to get–and keep–people in shape!

(Some of you are trainers or have a real love of fitness. You may be able to mimic everthing I have listed below on your own, so this post won’t apply to you!)

My Top Suggestion to get you FIT! (especially for beginners) |

Not sure what group exercise is? Here’s the definition:

An exercise format that incorporate several different modalities of exercise that is taught in a group setting by one or more professionally trained instructors.

It runs the gamut of the type of class: traditional aerobics, step aerobics, kickboxing, Crossfit, Zumba, Bootcamp, Pilates…the list goes on and on.

I know some of you enjoy the “alone time” that your 60 minutes of exercise brings and I understand that! I need that too, but group fitness is a great thing to sprinkle in your week to help you kick it up a notch. (My favorite phrase over the past month. haha!)

Here’s Why You Need Group Exercise!

Hidden Accountability

Whether it’s with the person beside of you or your instructor, there is an accountability automatically provided once you start attending a class. I know for myself as an instructor that I miss “regulars” if they aren’t there! We all know that accountability is HUGE in all areas of our lives! You can have a great workout, but if you aren’t doing it consistency, you will get minimal results!


It’s really hard to mimic the intensity that you find in a group exercise class by yourself at the gym. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced it myself! You will work harder and smarter with an instructor leading you.

You don’t have to think…much

You’ve had a rough day. The last thing you want to do is think of some new ways to challenge your body. The best thing about group fitness is you can literally go in on auto-pilot. You follow what the instructor does and voila—excellent results!

You try new things you otherwise wouldn’t

I can’t tell you the number of times the students in my class have said, “I’ve never thought of this!”. As an instructor, I am responsible for teaching my students new ways to incorporate equipment and moves to get results. I have had many students tell me that they’ve taken the exercises they’ve done in class and added them to their reporitres of moves they do at home or at the gym!

You aren’t alone

There is something about seeing other people struggle with the same things you are. And there’s something to see people improve and gain victories every week.

It’s fun!!!!

A good instructor will leave you wanting more. You should want to come back and bring a friend. You should want to NEVER miss one of the classes because of the fun you are having!

Many of you may agree with my points above, but may not be attending group exercise classes or even know where to start. Try these!

Gym. If you belong to one, why on earth aren’t you attending Group X? Many are included in the price of membership. Try one. Try a few. Get your money’s worth out of that membership!

Church. I teach my classes at our church. It is open to the community and we have many women from the area come. If you have the space at your church and a willing audience, talk to your Pastor about starting up a class. (IF you have someone interested and certified!)

Colleges. I teach my pilates class at a college!

Community Centers

Hair Spas and Salons


So I’m dying to know. Do you attend group exercise classes? What is your favorite kind? How have they impacted your fitness level? What keeps you from doing group exercise? Comment away!!!