We’ve all done your basic calf raise a million times, right? You’ve done it with weights, off a step or even with one leg lifted. This progression of raises changes the angle that your heels are pointed. You will feel the exercise a little differently this way! You will also feel the stretch and strengthen in the front of your legs around your shins. This is a very easy exercise to do anywhere you are!


(Instruction below the picture)

Basic calf raise. Hold onto a wall or chair if you need extra stability. (Heels are pointing straight behind you)

This is where the calf raises get crazy! Turn your heels in towards each other like you are making a “v” with them. Continue raising up and down.

Now take your heels and turn them away from your body. Continue raising up and down


There are many ways that you can do these progression of raises.

1.) Do one set (10 raises) of the first picture. Then another set of the second picture and so on.

2.) Switch which raise you do on each rep. So do the basic raise, then do the inverted “v” then finish with the “v” out. Repeat until you do 12 reps total.

3.) Just pick one style and do all reps and sets with it.

Go for 2-3 sets of 10-12 raises.

*Remember, to add additional challenge, add some pulsing while your heels are up towards the end of one of your sets!

Let me know how you like it!


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