Monday morning I woke up to workout…and went back to bed. I had my clothes out and everything, actually got out of bed, stared at them, then went back to bed! I ended up making my way to the gym, but shared with you via instagram stories what I was thinking and wanted to post it here too.

(Click here if you can’t see video)

We won’t always have the emotion and motivation to do the things we know are important to our growth. There is just no way that is going to happen every single day for the rest of your life. Consistency is the best way for us all to grab our goals and it’s right here–when the emotions don’t come and we forget the bigger goal–that we become inconsistent. This doesn’t mean PERFECTION. As you saw, my workout wasn’t the best one ever I’ve done. Nope. But I went through the motions and did something. You need to find out what things trigger you, or help you stay consistent. That looks different for each of us but it first starts with what we are telling ourselves. Take note of the words you are saying to yourself when it comes to the things you quit. It could be exercise, healthy eating, time with God, finances, and so forth. Self-discipline is a skill. It can be taught and grown. It’s OK if you have to keep working on it. I do too.

After this, I got a lot of requests for my playlist so here are a few songs from it! I love a mix of music and I am constantly adding and changing things up. I also like to change my music depending on the type of workout I’m doing. Always keeping it interesting!

Check out this playlist I created, too!