I told you I was part of this with you, so here are my goals for each of the 3 areas. Would you mind sharing yours? You can do it on the message board, below in the comments, or on facebook/twitter!!

REMEMBER: We all have different end goals!! We are all in different starting spots. My goals/allowances will and should be different than yours. Do not compare or make your guidelines in comparison to others!


Goal for {31.3 Jump}

Tighten up habits (sloppy eating, skipping exercises, not drinking enough water, foregoing quiet times) that have developed over the past month. Not interested in dropping any pounds, but just firming up what’s gotten a little, *ahem* jiggly.

Eat Clean

♦ No cookies, candies, cakes, chips etc 80% of the time. (I don’t believe in total deprivation!)

♦ Drink 8 oz of water as soon as I wake up (before coffee). Water will be first choice of beverage thru the day.

♦ Stop eating after dinner to allow a full 10-12 hour fast before breakfast.

Move More

♦ Exercise Routine:

– Monday: Strength Training/Plyo Bursts (Gym)

– Tuesday: 30-40 minute Cardio/Teach Pilates Class

– Wednesday: Off  -or- DVD to help me learn new choreography

– Thursday: 30-40 minute Cardio/Teach Pilates Class

– Friday: Strength Training/Plyo Bursts

– Saturday: Optional Day/Long Run Outside

– Sunday: Off

♦ Stand at computer when checking social media/surfing the net.

Refresh Daily

♦ Daily (Mon-Fri) quiet time going through the Good Morning Girls study of Ephesians

♦ Verse memorization (and recall!) taken from “Soul Food”

So what are your specific goals? We must detail out specific action for each of these areas in order to get the success we want! Please share!