Dr. Dobson in his book, “The New Strong-Willed Child” refers to the defiant child as a shopping cart with crooked, bent wheels. He compares it to a compliant child as a cart that’s straight wheeled & well-oiled. One is easily guided with a gentle push, while another needs muscled and a little more effort to keep it going down the right path.

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While this is a great analogy for the personality differences between our children, I feel like it’s a great analogy for other areas of our life too. For some of you, your health is just like that defiant cart. It requires more force, intention, and attention to keep on track than what it does for maybe your sister or friend.

My point?
a.) Don’t compare your cart to someone else’s. The make-up of each cart is so different

b.) Realize that it’s ok if you have to put some additional effort in the area of health (or whatever other area it may be) to find success. It’s not WRONG that you have the crooked, bent cart, it’s just different.

c.) We all have a defiant cart (or 2!) Your sister who is successful with her health has her own crooked cart she is dealing with that you may not be

Spend a little more time in research and prayer as you figure out how to best guide that area for you and don’t give up!