We are off and running into 2014! I am so very excited that many of you have gotten behind the vision boards that we will be working on this month. Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure how people who like the idea, so I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve got some people doing it with me this month!

This week we are going to be focusing on dreaming about our health. As I mentioned in the first post, we are going to analyze it through these 3 areas: slim-down, shape-up(add), or stay the same. Dreaming doesn’t always have to mean to add more and go bigger–sometimes in order to reach our dreams, we need to slim-down and focus!

2014 "Dream it.Do it." Vision Board:Week 1- Health | peak313.com

But first, I need you to stop and pray. Pray on your own, or use mine below to guide you.

“Father, thank you for the gift of health that you’ve given us. Guide us as we dream about what health looks like for ourselves and our families in 2014. Give us strength to act upon the things you want us to accomplish, and help us live with contentment once we hear from You. We invite you into this process and help us to glorify You in this body you gave us. In Jesus name, Amen.”

And keep this verse in mind:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

Let’s go!

Slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same:

To make this easier, I’m going to list off some areas that may jog your thinking for ways you want to dream big. On each of these, ask yourself. : Should I slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same? Keep it simple!

– Sleep

– Nutrition

– Exercise

– Relaxation/Restoration

– Mental Sanity

– Any additional areas when you think of “health”

Dream It:

Things you may want to put pictures of on your board:

– Activities you want to start doing

– Activities you and your family can do

– Types of food you want your diet to incorporate

– Running Shoes

– Picture of a “healthier” you

– Scripture verse that talks about your health

– “Fitspiration” quotes

– People who inspire you in this area

– Words that describe how you want to feel in this area (ex: Strong, Free, Peaceful, Challenged)

– A number representing the amount of lbs you want to lose, or minutes you want to workout a day/week

– Books you want to read in this area

– A picture of what you want your basement gym to look like

Do It:

Now, out of all those things you just posted up there, pick 1 or 2–no more!! And write down your “do it” plan. Include, what specific action you will take today to make it happen and any deadlines you may need. Also, jot down a person’a name or website you need to reference if you need to make some phone calls.  Now post that “do it” up on the board!


♦ Dream it: Be better rested. Get 7 hours of sleep a night.

Do it: Back up my bedtime by 10 minutes each week in January to get me down by 10:30.

Dream it: Run a 5K in the summer

Do it: Call Melissa and ask her for the name of the running group and a suggested training program.Wake up 30 minutes earlier on Mon/Wed/Fri to get my run in.

♦ Dream it: Start knitting again.

Do it: Grab my supplies and put in a basket in the living room. Knit while the kids are doing homework on Wednesdays and after church on Sunday.

Remember, when you get to December 31st, 2014, the goal is to have made some (at least!) advances in the things you post on this board! So what do you want to be saying about your life when you hit New Years Eve, 2014? Make this board work for you!

Have fun with this! If this becomes toilsome or a pain, then STOP! This is meant to inspire you and not be a burden! It should challenge us, but not cause us to crumble! Next week we’ll be diving into the area of our FAITH. I would love to see your vision boards as they are being made. Feel free to post them up on my Facebook wall or on instagram! Use the hashtag #dreamitdoit

I have a question for the bloggers out there. Would you like me to include a link-up each week so that you can post about this project?