Spring break is here for many of you and you might have some extra time to look into a new book or some Bible studies! I have a few I’d love to tell you about! (Plus a bonus workout for when you get frustrated over break. Oh, that’s just me? 🙂 ) Enjoy your break!


1.) Everyday Hope 

Summer is my friend from California! She is a beauty blogger but her desire is to share that true beauty comes from deep within with an authentic walk with the Lord! I’m so excited for her study!

From Summer, “It’s been on my heart for so long to host or facilitate a bible study here through my YouTube channel. I love sharing beauty & lifestyle tips that benefit our lives, but those tips aren’t complete if I’m not also sharing the most meaningful and impactful thing that has made the BIGGEST difference in my life, and that is my relationship with the Lord. In that, over the years, I have realized the importance of studying scripture in context, and making sure to do that on my own as well as a part of the church body. In this video I share my heart for this bible study & why I chose this particular one for us to start with! I’m so excited to be a part of this with you all!”

Starts April 1st! Grab the book here! (Click here if you can’t see the video)


2.) Pressing Pause

I received this book last week and absolutely love it! This devotional would be perfect for the mama who is struggling to get in her time with the Lord, or maybe a gift for someone who is just learning about God! Grab your copy here and find out more info on their website!

Pressing Pause : www.claresmith.me

3.) Creative Basics Course

I have quite a few followers who use social media for more than personal use, whether it would be a ministry, side business or something other. So with that comes all the “fun” of creating graphics. (You know why I put that in quotes if you have to do this!) This online course might be just the thing for you to learn some tips from a great teacher and friend of mine, Crystal Stine! And if you enter the code “CLARE” you will receive $10 off!

Click here to view more details

Creative Basics 30 day social media graphics course : www.claresmith.me

4.) Angry? Work it out!

I’m not SAYING you’ll be frustrated a bit more during spring break because the kids are home, but JUST IN CASE……No really, did you know a good 10-15 minutes of movement may be just the thing you need to get rid of those frustrations? I put together a quick 4-minute tabata for you to do at home along with some other tips on what do when you are are a little frustrated over at The Better Mom!

5.) One More Step 

I read this book a couple months ago and it was just so encouraging! My friend Rachel Wojo writes from a real spot of pain and trial, but her encouragement to each of us is priceless. (And she’s a fellow Buckeye!) The study starts Monday March 28th! You don’t need the book but you can purchase it here if you want! Register here!