“I was doing so good, then my kids got sick.”

“I was down 10 pounds, then went on vacation and gained 6 back.”

“I didn’t miss a workout for the longest time, but lately, I just can’t get motivated again.”

“I was getting ready to get a new plan and found out I was pregnant….again!”


Sound familiar?

In talking with women, I find that we are sick of the “start over”. We are tired of doing well, then falling off the wagon, then getting the motivation to get back on, knowing full well, we’ll fall off again.

We think that something must be wrong with us–our drive, our focus, our determination—since we can’t maintain consistency.

We ponder if it’s even worth it even more–after all, our bodies aren’t going with us!


Welcome to Life.

Welcome to the real world.

Welcome to how 99.9% of people think, act and feel.

You aren’t alone. Stop thinking that you are. Shift your thinking!

Instead of thinking that this is a pain in the butt, think of it just as another start.

Instead of thinking that this is the end of the world think of it just as another fresh day.

Instead of thinking that you are worthless, unmotivated and lazy, think that it’s just been a rough spell.

Instead of hating the failure, expect it and embrace it.

A shift in your mentality will equate to a shift in your success.


I am the mom to small kids. I expect to be lured in by the goldfish crackers instead of the almonds. I expect to be woken in the middle of the night with puking kids, meaning an exhausted next day. I expect feeling the draw of wanting to go to dinner with my girlfriends instead of attending that kickboxing class.

I EXPECT it because I’m ALIVE.

It’s ok. I promise.

Sometimes I make the right decision and sometimes I don’t. Just get back on it. Life will happen. You will fall off. Get back on.

One foot in front of the other….One step at a time.