Another real life workout. (Here are two prior ones!) I feel that one way for you to learn how to put together my new moves, is to see how I actually put together a workout!

Here is what this week’s workout schedule looked like for me:

Monday: 15 minutes hill runs/ 35 min Full body Strength Training

Tuesday: 40 min Partner Track Workout

Wednesday: 25 minute elliptical workout (varying speeds)/ 35 min Full body Strength Workout

Thursday: Off

Friday:  15 min stair climber (Man, I forget how hard that is!)/ 45 min Full Body Strength (below)

Saturday: 7 miles

Sunday: Off



15 minute stair climber

Strength:  (I do an upper body, lower body, and ab move or plyo for each circuit) I move through each circuit 2 or 3 times, doing 10-12 reps of each. I use weights anywhere from 12-20 pounds.

Circuit 1:

♦ Bent Over Rows

♦ Front Squats with bar and 5 pounds added to each side

♦ Alternating Oblique Knee to Chest (Leg Raise Machine)

Circuit 2:

♦ Incline Push-Up on Bench with Side Twist

♦ Weighted Step-Ups on Plyo Box

♦ Box Jumps (plyo)

Circuit 3:

♦ Upright Row with kettlebell

♦ Hamstring Curl and Press with cable machine

♦ Burpees (plyo)

Circuit 4:

Push-Ups with the band

♦ Plie Squat with bicep Curl

“The Hover”


How was your workout week?