It happens to the best of us. You are going full steam ahead with your training. You are right on track with your eating. Then it happens.

No motivation

No results

Roadblock after roadblock

I’ve been there multiple times in my life. I’ve seen it happen to others just as many! Here’s some ways to re-start and energize to get back on track!


Go drastically different.

If you’ve always been a runner, try strength training. If you’ve always loved pilates, try kickboxing. Do something totally different than what you’ve always been used to doing. You may find that you don’t like it, but on the other hand, it may be just what you needed!


Get in a class.

Attending exercises classes are beneficial in many ways. I find that this is just what some people need to get them back on track. It’s fun to attend with a friend, or meet new people. Your body is challenged in ways that it normally wouldn’t be if you were by yourself. There are so many styles of classes out there too!


Pick a local race and sign-up! Go big or small! Try a mini triathlon. Having a goal to work towards helps people stay the course and get re-focused!

Find a friend.

This always gets me moving again. Don’t think that it has to be something of similar workout level to you either. Yes, you may only find something who is “fitter” than you, but I’d also like to encourage you to find someone you could motivate and encourage!! You will be surprised at how much it will benefit you!!

Get visual.

This is a tricky one, and maybe isn’t a good option for some of you, especially if you struggle with the comparison factor too much. But, bring out some pictures of when you were looking what you liked. Bring out that dress that you want to fit into. These usually snap me back into reality pretty quickly!

Be ok with your break.

Yes. You heard me right. Sometimes you just need a breather. If you’ve been going strong for a long time, it might be time to take a week or two break. By the end of that time, I’m itching to get back at it!


I’d love to hear your tips on getting back on track after you’ve out of it for a while! Please share!