My friend and running partner, Leslie and I did this workout this morning! You can do this with a friend or even your hubby (or older child!!)

REPS: Do each strength exercise for 30 seconds (or start in smaller increments and increase as you get stronger!)

Do this routine 1 or 2 times through depending on how much time you have!

Remember, do a sprint/jog lap in between each strength exercise!

Partner Track Workout:


Incline Pull-Ups:

Grab bar with an overhand grip. Raise body to the bar and then return.


Assume push-up position. When you are down, bring one knee to the elbow. Press up and return leg to original position. Switch to other side.

One-Leg Tricep Dips:

Face each other on the ground. Each of you lift your leg and join them in the middle. Dip down as you keep the leg lifted. Be sure to switch legs.

Jump Squat and Reach:

This takes a little coordination. Have fun with it! Face each other and squat down. Jump back up and reach diagonally, clapping hands at the top. Squat back down and then switch clapping sides!

Partner Abs:

One person lays on the ground while the other stands. The person on the ground grabs the ankles of the standing one. The standing person throws their legs in different angles as the laying friend brings them back to starting position. Alternate between a side left throw, center throw and side right throw! We also do something called a pendulum swing which is throwing the legs to the left and swinging them down and around in a circle. Then throwing them to the right and swinging all the way around!

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