Oh I’ve got another great product review for you! Introducing, “The Slide Effect“! It’s sort of like a Total Body Gym/Pilates/TRX system rolled into one! I am a big fan of using resistance cords/bands in workouts and this fitness product puts them together in a unique way!

First off, here’s what you get when you order one:

Now to see how it works. Check out this 2 minute video from their website!

Here is what I LOVE about this product:

– The Size

It doesn’t take up a ton of room and it is easily transportable! So you can move your workout depending on where you need to be. If you travel, this would be a great option for you to take to hotels (or long family weekends away!) too!

– The Variety of Exercises

I love that you can complete upper body, lower body, and core exercises with one piece of equipment. The beauty of it is that on many of the exercises, you hit more than one area. Score!

– It’s adjustable to meet your needs!

Since you make your own adjustments with the resistance cord, anyone can do this. So if you aren’t as strong with your lower body, then you can lighten it up. If you need more resistance for upper, then you can change that!

– Helpful Resources: 3 DVDs, a workout guide, and a nutrition guide

You get 3 DVDs that will take you through 3 different types of exercises ( Full Body 360, Cardio Burn, and Mind & Muscle Connection) along with a workout guide that shows you different types of exercises and gives you a sample weekly program using this system! I thought that was pretty cool. The nutrition guide is also super helpful as it gives you some basics along with some great recipes!

And in the spirit of total honesty with a review, here are a few drawbacks:

– Cord adjustment can be difficult

While I LOVE that it uses a resistance cord, it is a little hard to figure out exactly what level you should be using on each exercise. There aren’t any numbers to note where you are so you have to eyeball, try it, then eyeball again. Since it’s one long cord, you have to make sure you have both sides even and if that gets off then that’s confusing too! I think the more you use it, the better off you would get, but if you get easily frustrated, this may bother you

– The wheels on the omni- directional handles aren’t always the smoothest

This is a great challenge if you are someone who is stronger, as the moving wheels provide an additional workout, but if you are a beginner, you may get frustrated with these handles.


I think this system would be really good to introduce to your children if you are wanting them to get into working out, but don’t want them at a gym, or lifting heavy weights.  I personally loved doing the pilates and yoga routines with this! Such great core and hip training! If you are a trainer or group fitness instructor, I think this would be a useful piece of equipment to incorporate during a circuit station. Very easy to transport to and from your class!

You interested in buying one? Check out their website here. Great price point and worth the money!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.