It's time to do the brave thing :
Some of you are hitting the pillow tonight with some hard things on your mind. Maybe suffocating is a better word. You are unsettled. Fearful. Doubtful. Confused.

Maybe God is asking you to confront a situation that you’ve been avoiding, or He’s asking you to give up that stronghold that’s been choking you day and night. He’s asking you to forgive the person you promised you never would or is asking you to take that next step in the dream He placed in your heart years ago. God is calling you out to be bold and to be brave.

But for whatever reason, you stopped. The next step hasn’t happened. Fear took the place of bravery. Darkness crept in where light shone brightly. Just as you started to walk towards freedom, chains bound your feet and you planted firm.

And now here you are. Troubled in bed. You know what? God is asking me to do some hard things in my life right now and I have to tell you–there are days I literally say to God, “I’m just not cut out for this!” And He’s like, “yeah Clare, you aren’t but I am.”

So as I–as you–brave that storm ahead of you this week with the fierce waves, roaring winds, and strong current, I want you to face your fear, reach out your hand and walk. God’s faithfulness is laced thick throughout the Bible and if you’ve forgotten that, pick it up tonight and read through some of the great Old Testament stories. Friends, you are not alone. It’s time to do the brave thing.

(taken from my Facebook page)