crisis and self-care:

Prepping healthy food. Doing your workout. Drinking enough water. Eating mindfully. Sleep.

In the midst of a life crisis, I know what you are thinking. “These things don’t really matter. I’ve got bigger fish to fry & the last thing I need to worry about is my health.” I get it. When your life has a sudden (or not so sudden) jolt to it, it’s necessary to prioritize where you put your time & energy and since all those things require it, they get shifted. Unfortunately, they don’t just get shifted. Many times they get dropped.

Let me propose another option for you. Maybe these things above, in some capacity, are your lifesavers during the crisis times. Maybe the little bit of daily self-care you put out is EXACTLY what you need. Maybe the 60 minute sweat session is not just a physical cleanse, but an emotional one. Maybe that nutrient-filled salad you choose over the oatmeal cream pie is what will give you sustaining energy to finish an exhausting day. Maybe that 15 minute walk with your worship music is where your weary soul gets recharged.

You see- we tend to have this either/or mentality about health in life. Why is that? Because we’ve connected it ONLY with the scale and what size pants we’re wearing so it’s no wonder when we have times of crisis, that it’s the first thing to go…because after all…”bigger fish….”

But true, inside-out gospel-centered health, will connect you first with your Creator. It will connect you with a deeper purpose as to WHY you need to spend some time on self-care. And it’s from that connection that you’ll find the correct motivation and discipline to continue. Will there be times when it’s just not possible to put the effort into it? Absolutely and it’s not my place to judge when those times are. I am just simply suggesting that maybe we should step back and see if the “daily drudgery” of taking care of our bodies and minds actually serve a greater purpose, and become a GIFT and GRACE in our time of need. Who only can grant this? The One who is constantly chasing after your heart. ‪#‎abbafather‬

(taken from my Facebook status)