And this is where I am supposed to be writing you all about the January challenge. It’s where I’m supposed to be giving you new exercises, calendars, recipes, and check-in spots.

It’s where I should be encouraging, motivating, and challenging you to be your best physically because it is, after all, January—the month of resolution…the month of HEALTHY resolution.

And I am…a fitness blogger. That’s what I do.

But here I am telling you that I’m reneging. I’m taking back my promise of a January challenge and telling you that there will be nothing. I’m starting January 2013 by failing you, my precious readers.

Have you ever been in a place in your life where everywhere you turn, it’s like you are hitting a wall? Your intentions are great. Your energy is high. Your motivation is loaded.

But the practical doesn’t work?

You pray. You seek counsel. You read God’s Word. You go for a run (ahem). And no matter your attempts, it’s like fitting a round peg into a square hole?

Well, my friends, that is what happened with this challenge. I had every intention to do one and had a good plan of what I was going to do, too. (I even told you all that we were doing one and got you all excited! :() But as I sat down to get through the material, things weren’t working. I couldn’t move past a few things with the challenge. Ideas weren’t flowing. Things weren’t fitting. And I tried. Believe me–I tried. But that round peg wasn’t budging!

But perhaps what weighed on my heart more than the practical roadblocks, was the lack of peace I had.

Sure, there were a few other things that came up that made it easier to drop but ultimately, it was the peace that God gave me when I said, “Ok, God. I’m listening. I’m walking away.”

But that was hard.

I have to admit. I wanted this challenge for you, but I also wanted it for me. Challenges are big for my site. My blog grows substantially each time I do one, so this is prime time for a fitness blogger, right? The one time of the year many people will actually listen to advice about fitness, I am passing to the wayside. Ouch.

But I’ve lived enough life to know that even if I have growing numbers from a blog, or pats on my back,  if I’m not where God wants me to be, I will have no joy. I will have no peace. Obedience to God is of utmost importance and how could I start off the new year in direct disobedience….even though my heart’s desire was a “good” thing?

I trust that God knows better than me. The honest truth is, I’ve been going hard, full, and fast for nearly 3 years with this site and it’s taken it’s toll. My life is really frazzled coming off the holidays and that means I’m leaving too many areas that I deem sacred, vulnerable. I want to blog with integrity! God knows that I need a break and that I need re-energized so that I can better serve my family, and you!   I love the quote below from Elton Trueblood…

So my first post of the year is not to challenge you physically, ironically. (Aren’t ya glad? Ha!) I think God is trying to prove a greater message right now. Are you being obedient to God in all areas of your life? Are there “good” things that you are involved in that you may be holding to tightly, but that God may not be wanting you involved in now?

Nothing will zap your energy, take down your mental clarity, or make you ineffective in life, than being in disobedience to our Almighty, Sovereign God. That may be the best piece of physical advice I can give you right now….live in direct obedience to Him!


I will be keeping the blog up, and will be posting a little (along with my social media) so make sure you hang around. I’ve got a a few other ideas brewing in my mind…..:) Hang in there this month! You can do it!

(I’ll be sharing some resources/blogs to help you through January in my next post!)