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Being a 23 year old girl, living with a Christ like focus is not always simple, but it is always rewarding.  At my age, it seems to be expected {according to society} that since I am young,  I am {allowed} to eat anything I want and subject my body to anything since “now is the time to do it.”

What does that even mean?

I also hear quite frequently, “do it while you can!”  Why do we take on this mindset or think this way? Isn’t it just setting us up for all of these thought processes down the road? We could reach 30 and 40 and say “Oh well, you have a lot going on and you are the mother of 4 kids, so you deserve that cupcake.”

I think you get my point.

I choose Him

I have caught myself at 23, drifting into this mindset and letting it take residence in my mind.  I don’t want to be a robot, I will enjoy sweets every now and again, but there is a difference in enjoying and over stepping.  I have indulged more into food and luxuries, more than I have indulged into the Word and pursued a relationship with God. Our actions with food, and how we use it can distract us, and accomplish exactly what satan wants. He wants food to become an idol. Food is a spiritual issue. Food is nourishing, but it is also destructive.  I didn’t want food to become more important than my love for Christ. I have spent a long time placing food at the throne of my heart, where Christ deserves to sit.  I don’t want my “someday I will change” to become “ I will never change.” 

I can’t always say this is an easy task either. It’s hard to plan healthy meals as a single girl in the midst of school and work, but it IS do able, and the choice is mine.  No one else will control what I prepare and put in my body, besides myself.  Be proactive, and make decisions that will benefit your body because ultimately we make a choice of who we are serving with every bite we take, and every decision we make…me or Him. I choose Him.

Lindsay, SoulyFit.com

(photo cred to @sbchildsphoto)

About Lindsay: I am studying Kinesiology at IUPUI in Indianapolis.  I’m a coffee fanatic, and I eat a jar of almond butter a week. Fitness & nutrition are my passions, and I want to always glorify Christ in the way I choose to live that out.


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