Yay! We’ve made it through all 4 weeks of our “The Word and Work-Out” challenge! Before we get to the check-in, I want to share with you a post I wrote for The Better Mom!

“Balance” has been the focus on The Better Mom for the month of April so I wrote about the key to finding balance with your health! (I’ll be diving into this subject a little more on my blog in the future)

The Key to Balance in your health : peak313.com

So now let’s move on to our final check-in! We just completed week 4 with the “Why Easter Matters” study from The Good Morning Girls. I keep saying that each week was the best–because I truly believe that each week has been so influential in what I’m learning! Can’t beat the Word of God, that’s for sure!

The Word and Workout: Check-in: Week 4/Final : peak313.com

Our memory verse for the week was:

Why Easter Matters: Memory Verse Week 4

I think the next GMG study isn’t until June, so be sure to follow their site to stay updated! Also, I’ll be holding a short, 7 day challenge the first week of May. More info to come on that!!

Here’s your check-in! Great job to all of you who hung in there! My prayer was that your faith and physical life was greatly enriched and blessed!! (Click here if you can’t see check-in!)