Hi friends! I am so proud of you for hanging in there! Remember, we aren’t going for perfection, but PROGRESS so take heart if you had a rough week! The grace of God is there for us to take in, which then propels us to a more intense fervency to do everything we do for Him! Check out this comment I got last week on our check-in!

“Thank you for this. I am getting in my workouts and working my way through the Why Easter Matters study. People are noticing the difference in my body and I notice differences in both my body and my spirit.”

Woo hoo!

The Word and Work-Out: Week 2 Check-In (Why Easter Matters) : peak313.com

Here is our memory verse for this past week!


Now, with an Easter study, you may wonder why we are extending past Sunday with one more week. Angela from the Good Morning Girls wanted to make sure that we not only focused on everything leading up to the resurrection, but also WHY all this mattered! How should we respond to it and why does that matter? So wise on their part to include this so we will have one more week of this study! Hang in there! (If you can’t see the check-in, click here!)