Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer seated? (for all intents and purposes, a “DESKIE”)  Statistics tell us that adults and children spend over 70% of their day on their bottoms!! I wrote about what media does for our bodies but I’m determined to help you break those downfalls!  I’ve put together a routine for you to do while you are in front of your computer.

Remember, this should not replace your normal exercise routine, so do your best to get that in!

(This week’s exercises will be what you can do while standing and next week will be what you can do while seated so be sure to come back!)


You don’t have to purchase anything, however I really like the gliding discs and this small ball that I’m using in the pictures below. And just for my Peak313 readers, you get a special discount!!! Use code FW15KF while checking out at

Equipment Needed:

Small pilates ball (or a small non-weighted kid’s ball)

2 Gliding Discs (or 2 paper plates)


You will need to stand up against something that is counter height, so move your laptop to the kitchen island if you have one.  (pictures below instruction)

1.) Stand up. You’ve already burned almost 50 more calories than sitting!!

2.) Counter-top Push-Up: Stand with your feet about 5 feet away from the wall. Put your hands on the counter and push your body back. Clap your hands and return them back to the counter. (It’s a push-up) Make sure you control the push off and return. {Reps: 2 sets of 12 push-ups } *To make it harder, lift one leg behind you and continue. (not shown) Be sure to switch legs halfway thru!

3.) Half Circle Slides: Stand with legs hip distance apart. Drop one disc to the floor and place the ball of your foot on it. Slide it in a smooth, controlled motion from the 12 o’clock position to the 6 o’clock position. DO NOT BEND LEG. Then reverse it. Be sure to extend it out as far as you can while keeping your body still. You should feel a nice contraction of the glutes and hips when it’s at 6 o’clock. {Reps: 2 Sets of 10 half circles EACH LEG}

5.) Single Leg Sliding Squat: Stand with legs hip distance apart. Drop one disc to the floor and place the ball of your foot on it. Sink down into the standing leg (put your weight onto your standing heel) Now take the leg with the disc and slide it up, then back to the starting position (shown below). Slide straight out beside you (shown below), then back to start, then slide back behind you then to start. DO NOT RAISE UP ON THE STANDING LEG WHILE DOING THIS. Repeat. {Reps: Do 2 sets of 8-10 per leg}

6.) Single Leg Sliding Lunge: Stand with legs hip distance apart. Drop one disc to the floor and place the ball of your foot on it.Sink down on your other leg and then slide the leg with the disc behind you (shown below) and then bring it back to starting position. DO NOT STAND UP WHILE DOING THIS. Repeat. {Reps: 2 sets of 8-10 per leg}

6.) Shimmy Side Bends: Stand tall in front of the computer. Bend from the side and try and reach the ankle. Come back up to starting position. Repeat. KEEP THE CHEST LIFTED and imagine opening up the non-reaching side nice and big. {Reps: 2 sets of 12 each side}

7.) Standing Fire Hydrant with Ball: Take the ball and nestle it into the area behind your knee cap. Lift that bent leg behind you and then back to the starting position. Then extend the bent leg out to the side and back to starting position. Repeat. Really SQUEEZE that ball thru the whole thing if you can! {Reps: 2 sets of 10 reps on each side.}


Don’t forget about the special discount you get from Fitness Wholesale (FW15KF) . Come back next week to find out a whole other set of exercises to do while seated! I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on this routine!!  You can contact me below in the comments, find me on FACEBOOK, or TWITTER or be sure to sign up to receive my posts in your inbox!!! (See area on the right side of page!!)

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