The inner thigh is a difficult area to target yet it’s an area that many women ask me about. I found this move “by accident” a few years ago playing around with the ball while working out at the gym. It’s very effective!!

Be patient with yourselves on this move. It generally takes my students a session or two to get the feel for it. The tricky part will be balancing yourself on the ball at first!

*Important note about the exercise ball. You must have a ball that fits your frame. The rule of thumb is this: If you are 5’4″ or shorter, choose a 55″ ball. If you are 5’5″ or taller, choose a 65cm ball. Make sure you have enough air in the ball! It won’t pop–I promise! I use an air compressor to fill mine up!


Take the exercise ball and find an open wall. Place the ball under your hips and keep one hand on the floor. Put both feet up on the wall straight beside you. KEEP THE HIPS STACKED.

This picture is demonstrating the incorrect way to lay on the ball. In this picture, more of my torso/upper hip is on the ball. You will not get a proper range of motion if you lay like this.

Turn the heels together in a “V” position and drop the bottom leg to the floor. (The moving leg does NOT touch the wall)

Bring the bottom leg back up to the top leg WHILE MAINTAINING the “V” position. As you lift your leg, focus on PRESSING the inner thigh up to the ceiling. Repeat the drop and lift. Keep your abdominals tight and your arms strong to keep you balanced.

REPETITIONS: Do 2 sets of 12-15 on EACH LEG.

ADVANCED: Add some pulsing at the “top” of the move. Count to 8 while quickly pulsing your leg up.You can add the pulsing at the end of the first or second set of 15 reps.