Hey all! Just a little mid-week check in and an important announcement for you!

First off, make sure that you check-in if you are participating in the “Living and Active” challenge!

Secondly, here’s a favorite quote of mine from one of my favorite authors, Gary Thomas, in his book, “Pure Pleasure“. I put this on facebook but wanted to share it with you, along with some additional insight that I had!

“This is one sneaky way that satan will mess with your brain–convincing you that it doesn’t matter unless you are going big or doing it perfect! Whether it’s your health, your marriage, your ministry, or finances, this is great inspiration! Small things add up. Be obedient with the time and resources you have for today!”

"Living and Active" Challenge (Gary Thomas from his book, "Pure Pleasure" ) : peak313.com

And finally–an important announcement! TONIGHT (Thursday, September 26th)is the very first webcast from the Women Living Well conference! I spoke at this back in August and we had a great time with the 250 attendess of it, but now you are going to be able to see what we have!

WomenLivingWellWEbcastOverview : peak313.com

Here is the schedule for each Thursday….

Women Living Well Webcast Schedule : peak313.com

And be sure to join us for a facebook party on these sites and dates one hour prior to the release of the webcast!

We are SO excited to relive these all again! God showed up in might ways at the conference and we are praying the same for you all as you catch them over the next few weeks!

(If you see this message and it’s not Thursday, September 26th, check the site anyway as the webcast may still be up! :))

Here is a quick intro video of the speakers! (We use our hands a lot, don’t we?!)

(Click here if you can’t see the video!)