This is not a typical post for me, but in light of letting you all into my real life, and understanding that fitness is just a PART of my actual day, I thought I’d share this! I got  inspired this summer and went to town on our house! We had neglected closets, clothes, and so many little things so we got really focused and made some progress!

My Summer Pinterest Projects :

I got these ideas from pinterest (except the 3rd one which was my hubby’s idea) so you may have seen them floating around. Hope some of these help….(and now is the perfect time to grab the pool noodles as they are all clearancing out!)

Here are 5 projects using basic, cheap items!

1.) Paper Towel Holder for Headbands

My little girl has a ton of hair things. We have a hair bow board, but I needed something for her headbands. You could also use a paper towel stand but I liked that we could mount this up off the dresser. (In this picture, you can see the white plastic behind the headbands, but you don’t really see that when you are looking at it.)

Paper Towel Headband Holder |

2.) Pool Noodle for Boots

My poor boots. I love the idea of keeping them sturdy and upright, but don’t have the money to spend on boot shapers. What an easy way to keep them tall and sturdy! (I wasn’t very consistent in the size of each noodle…but they still work!)

Pool Noodles as Boot Shapers :

3.) Pool Noodle as a “edge-of-bed” bed guard

My husband built my daughter’s bed, but she kept hitting her shin as she would get it. He cut up a pool noodle and voila! No more pain!

Pool Noodle as "Edge of Bed" Guard  :

4.) Magnetic strip for bobby pins

I use bobby pins a lot and they are such a mess in my drawer! This was a really simple fix to keep them up and off the bottom! (Now if I would just place them on the magnet every time I’m done….)

Magnetic Strip Bobby Pin Holder :

5.) Over-the-door “home” organizers

I purchased these shoe organizers and have used them for winter accessories, kid’s games, and craft supplies! I love them!

Over-the-Door "Home" Organizers :


What are some of your favorite, cheap fixes that you’ve found on Pinterest? (Check my friend Mandy’s site out for more frugal fixes and finds!)

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