Offsides In Life :

5 years ago, Deion Sanders in his Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement speech talked about how the game of football taught him timing—that there are things you can’t do prematurely. He said, “They call it offsides. In life, it’s just life.”

What a great reminder for us as we are in an age where we are told we can achieve anything RIGHT NOW if we work hard enough, or maybe in a relationship context, we meet a great guy or girl so we automatically think it’s a green light to date, or it’s that PERFECT job we’ve been waiting forever on…and while all these opportunities are solid we may miss one key thing–timing.

Just like Deion had to learn, we have to wait for the right time. I’m sure he had hundreds of chances to make a play, but done too early, he would have gotten penalized.

I wonder how many times we go “offsides” because we are rushing life, relationships, opportunities etc. A trained athlete knows when to hold and wait, and when to move. Don’t rush the process because you are tired of waiting. Your time is coming!