Here’s a fun fact. I am not all about fitness or healthy living. It’s not the only thing that I am passionate about, nor the only thing I immerse myself in! The truth is–there are a handful of topics that I am JUST as concerned about for my life and yours and MARRIAGE is high on that list!

I’m not sure how it got to be this way, (probably because I need it to be!) but I really love reading marriage books and blogs. I love challenging myself and others in this area, and actually, those who are even single. My marriage (as you’ll hear from me in the webcast) is one of the hardest most sanctifying things God has placed in my life! My husband and I are deeply in love, but along with 2 strong personalities and a spiritual battle, comes a real fleshly battle between the two of us. (I’ve written about this before)

Anyway–all that to say–you get a chance to hear from me tonight from something else than health! Holla! (Don’t worry–my keynote on health comes in 2 weeks!)

I hope you get a chance to sit down and check this out–not because of anything that I have to say, but because of the wisdom coming from Darlene from Time-Warp Wife, Karen Ehman from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and Courtney from Women Living Well. I took so much away from this session and my prayer is that you will too!


So here’s some fun info you may want to know about!

At 8pmCT/9EST – go to the Time Warp Wife’s Facebook page to party with us!

At 9pmCT/10EST – go to to watch the 45 minute webcast with us on the topic of marriage.

AFTER the webcast – go to Time Warp Wife’s Blog and enter to win the iPad Mini – you will be required to answer the question – What is the name of Darlene’s more organized sister that she talked about in her opening talk?  For a bonus entry to win – share the link to the webcast on facebook or twitter!!!

I hope you join us! The webcast will be up for 24 hours once it starts!