I am notorious for putting up quick thoughts on my facebook page. These are things that come to me that God has laid on my heart through the day, to encourage and uplift you. However, many of you don’t have facebook, or get a chance to see them, so I think I am going to start putting them on blog posts! Here is one I wrote last night. 


“I’m supposed to be married by now. I’m supposed to be happy with my family and job. I’m supposed to be 10 pounds down by now.” Sound familiar? We are excellent at living in the “supposed to’s” of life!

As the quote below states, our lives are what they are….whether we got here by good/bad consequences, God’s leading, or anything in between. If you believe that God is Sovereign over all and that everything MUST pass through Him before it goes to you, then press forward with faith and confidence! Guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23, Luke 6:45) as it will be the biggest factor in coping with “life” that hasn’t gone as YOU planned. God DOES have an excellent plan for you–and you just might be living it, whether YOU believe it or not.


How have you reconciled the “supposed to’s” of life with what your life really is?

Is there anything that you are struggling with right now that God may be trying to give you a fresh perspective on? Take a second and ask God to show you these areas, then give you a “heart change” as you move forward with them