Welcome to 2012! I am excited to share with you something I’ve been thinking about for months! I have had so many ideas and options floating around in my head. You name it, I’ve thought of it and it has really been difficult to pin down what exactly I wanted to provide for you all.

I decided to go along with my “313” numbers since it’s served me well so far. January has 31 days and I kept coming back to 3 main points of focus for this challenge.

I’m calling it 31.3 Jump.

• 31 days

• 3 commitments

• Jumpstart your year

Want to know the 3 commitments? Glad you asked!

1.) Eat Clean

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. It’s a term used often yet is defined differently from person to person! Eating clean eliminates foods that are highly processed, complex and comprised of many ingredients. Think FRESH, SIMPLE and NUTRIENT-RICH.

2.) Move More

Sounds simple, right? This will look totally different for each of you. Some of you do nothing. Some of you are hit or miss each week. Others are pretty consistent. I want you to move more these 31 days and move more, consistently.

3.) Renew Daily

There’s no doubt in my mind that our physical lives are connected with our spiritual lives. Many of you who have been struggling with weight loss, self esteem, or depression are missing an important connection—the body and spirit. Our bodies will die. In the long scheme of things, these 31 days are just a blink in light of eternity. Our spiritual lives are going on forever and we can’t forget about this. I believe you’ll find better results and more fulfillment if you keep this in line. Renewing ourselves both mentally and physically is essential to success!


What I Want From You:

♦ Your commitment! You can keep it quiet. You can tell your hubby. You can tell me. You can tell us. Just commit!

♦ Your involvement! I’m providing a FREE online message board for you. (See header on homepage!) You can use my facebook wall or even twitter. (#313jump)

♦ Your friends! Yes you have accountability if you use any of the tools above, but it will be VERY easy to get lost in the sea of people. You will have higher success if you have a small group of 1 or 2 other friends who will do this with you. I know you’ve got someone out there! Ask them!

What You Get From Me:

♦ Weekly Support: I’ll answer questions. Offer advice. Give you fresh ideas. Provide motivation.

FREE Online Accountability: I’ll provide a spot for you to come and “check-in” daily and weekly!

Exercises: I’ll have a weekly printable for you that will give you some new ideas

♦ Memory Verse: I’ll create something (cute) for you to print off each week to post on the fridge or keep in your purse!

♦ My Prayers: I love my readers and I am passionate about helping you. I will be praying for you through this process!


So who is with me?! Let’s get started! Click below to find your 2 page document for this week and be sure to get connected with our message board! (I’ll have a weekly check-in for those of you who want it!)

*31.3 Jump Week 1*

(Below is a sample of page 1! Click the link above or image below for 2 page pdf!)

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